At Courze&Cloud, our goal is to simplify the e-learning creation process.

You don't need any coding or instructional design experience to craft compelling e-learning content with our intuitive authoring tool. We enable organizations to capture and distribute essential knowledge, encouraging employees to seamlessly create and disseminate enriching e-learning resources throughout their departments.

Our story

Although we launched our software just 3 years ago, we have quickly made a mark in the e-learning sector. The satisfaction of our numerous customers stands testament to our commitment. Our primary aim remains to make our product a global success, and with this vision, we tirelessly enhance it, ensuring we cater to our customers' feedback and requirements.

2020 - December

We embarked on the creation of Courze&Cloud, envisioned as a rapid e-learning authoring tool. The initiation of this journey was fueled by our passion for accessible e-learning. Every step in the development process was taken with enthusiasm and determination.

2021 - June

The monumental moment arrived when Courze&Cloud 1.0.0 was launched. This was a significant milestone for our team, marking our official entry into the e-learning market. The product was a culmination of hard work, innovation, and feedback from our early testers.

2021 - September

We celebrated the onboarding of our very first customer, MAVÍZ Magyar Víziközmű Szövetség. This was not just a business transaction, but a validation of our vision and efforts. Their trust in us reinforced our determination to deliver excellence.

2022 - July

We achieved another milestone with the arrival of our first international customer, IBIS ACAM GmbH. This marked our footprint in the international arena, highlighting our product's global appeal. We were thrilled and motivated to continue our journey of innovation and customer satisfaction.

Nitrolearning (the company)

If someone asks whether NitroLearning is a company that deals with e-learning, we would say:

Rather, we would say: "We make increasingly complex workplace learning processes simple and enjoyable. We make knowledge, mindset, and skills necessary for the most important business challenges memorable, experiential, and self-learnable."

Does it sound too good or magical? How do we do it? We combine the latest educational technologies with the latest results in learning science and spice it up with a good dose of realism and practicality. That's all.

We design professional learning processes, use dramatic tools and film tricks, and package our easy-to-use technological solutions in a winning visual format to make even the most boring topics the most exciting learning experiences possible.

The emergence and infiltration of new digital training technologies into the daily lives of companies and individuals increasingly strengthens the demand for trainings to be just as experiential and data-driven as the growing digitization aspects of organizational operations. In the rapidly changing environment, continuous employee education is difficult to implement with traditional classroom frontal training, hence the increasing need for technologies that help companies quickly respond to colleagues' training needs with digital tools and measurable data on training effectiveness.

Organizations increasingly recognize that employee training in the changed situation takes place not on a one-off basis, but as an integral part of work, practically continuously.

Modern digital workplace learning solves the challenge of providing employees with the right information easily accessible, well-understood, and memorable at the right time using technology. It provides employees with their own learning guidance, a kind of self-development that helps them stay up-to-date and prepared to solve workplace challenges. This so-called adaptive employee skill has a clear competitive advantage in the market. It is the responsibility of companies to provide their employees with the tools and information necessary to incorporate effective digital learning into their daily work processes.

So, in short, what do we do?
We build measurable and effective digital training programs and systems with a focus on learning experiences for organizations that are bold enough to step out of the confines of outdated training solutions and demanding enough to make workplace learning attractive, meaningful, and memorable for their employees.

NitroLearning Ltd. is a young company founded in August 2020, however, our founders and team have decades of experience in educational technology, teaching methodology, and the science of learning.

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