Content creation

Courze&Cloud revolutionizes content creation, transforming simple text into captivating, interactive learning experiences.

  • Innovative Design

  • Engaging Content

  • Simplified Process

Organizing Course Materials

Organize your course materials into folders for easy accessibility. The system allows for both company folders (visible to everyone) and personal folders (where users can organize their own course materials).


Course materials created in Courze&Cloud are responsive, meaning they adaptively adjust to the learner’s screen size, whether it’s a phone, tablet, or desktop computer. No manual editing is required; it all happens automatically.

Samples as Starting Point

When creating course materials, you can choose from several sample courses that provide a structural starting point, or professionals can start from a blank slate.

Felxible Widget Appearances

Each course element (widget) has its own specific settings that can be configured to customize the widget appearance, completion status, and accessibility requirements.

Simple content editing

During editing, you see exactly what the student will see, making it much easier to create the envisioned curriculum, and you can do it all extremely easily.

Advanced widget settings

The more complex settings do not complicate the editing of the widgets, they are available in a separate view, the detailed editor.

Course duplication

The learning materials can be copied with a single click if you want to create different course variations or even create your own starting learning material template.

Course transfer

The course export/import feature is available for external agencies or organizations where different departments use separate Courze&Cloud accounts.

Various Navigation Settings

You can choose from several navigation settings to customize the appearance according to the needs of your learners.

Preview on different devices

With our built-in preview feature, you can see how the content will appear on mobile, tablet, or desktop devices.

Appendix and Downloadable files

If you want to add additional supplementary content related to the learning material, you can do so.

Completion Management

Each learning element can be configured specifically to determine what the learner needs to do in order to complete it.

Content elements

Courze&Cloud enriches learning through versatile content elements, enhancing interactivity and comprehension.

  • Diverse Formats

  • Enhanced Interactivity

  • Creative Freedom


With the built-in text editor, you can apply various formatting options to the text, and the system also has multiple text highlighting options to make it more diverse.


You can insert so-called anchors into certain parts of the learning material (even invisibly for the learner), which can be referenced later through learning paths. This makes the navigation of the learning material more diverse.


You can crop uploaded images within the system. You can also upload gifs and svgs, in addition to the usual image formats.


You can upload MP4 format videos, which can be supplemented with subtitle files and transcripts. The video player can also be customized (automatic start, mute, etc.).


Enrich your learning material with audio files, to which a transcript can also be added.


The structure of the learning material can be created by inserting pages. You can place them anywhere within the material, there are no structural constraints.

Question types

You can choose from five different question types: single-choice, multiple-choice, ordering, grouping and matching question types are available. The description of the questions may include images, pdfs, and even the answers can be images.

Split blocks

Different learning material elements arranged next to each other in half or one-third display.

Image gallery

Different learning material elements arranged next to each other in half or one-third display.


You can diversify the study material with three different types of cards. You can edit content for definition, informational and flip cards.


Almost any file can be uploaded, which the students can download from the study material.

Learning path recommender

The learning path element is used to guide the student. Another page or anchor from the study material can be placed in it.


The note is used to make comments to ourselves in the study material under editing, which the editor assistant warns us about before publication if any remains.

Embedded elements

External content can be embedded with this element. Certain services (e.g. youtube) can be embedded with just a URL.

Tasks and exams

Courze&Cloud's tasks and exams harness advanced configurations and personalized feedback mechanisms, setting a new standard for assessment precision and adaptability.

  • Customized Assessments

  • Instant Feedback

  • Flexible Configurations

Diverse task configuration options

Tasks in the lessons and exams can be configured in many different ways.

Feedback for learners

In certain types of tasks, you can even record feedback for each answer, but in all cases, you can provide general feedback to be displayed in case of a correct or incorrect answer.

Diverse exam options

The time limit can be set for tasks or the entire exam. It can be configured what percentage is considered successful, as well as how many times the examinee can try the exam.

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Administrator functions

Courze&Cloud streamlines administrative workflows with comprehensive user management tools, enabling precise control over user roles and permissions for optimized operational efficiency.

User management

It is possible to fully manage the users in the system. Users can be invited or deactivated.

Different user roles

Multiple different roles can be assigned to the users in the system, making it easy to set permissions.

Publishing and tracking

Courze&Cloud's advanced publishing options ensure seamless content distribution, while its tracking capabilities offer insightful analytics for an enhanced educational journey.

  • Effortless Publishing

  • Insightful Tracking

  • Universal Access


Courze&Cloud champions inclusivity, ensuring barrier-free access with comprehensive features like keyboard navigation, screen reader compatibility, and adaptable content for an equitable learning experience.

  • Inclusive Design

  • Keyboard Navigation

  • Screen Reader Optimized

Accessible from the ground up

Accessibility has been a top priority in the development of our system from the very beginning. We believe that learning materials should be accessible to all students, regardless of any obstacles they may face in processing them.

Keyboard accessible

The entire curriculum can be navigated and controlled with just a keyboard.

Screen reader friendly

The curriculum's HTML structure is designed to be read properly and in the correct order by screen reader programs.

Option to provide accessible supplementary content

Accessible content can be provided for every content element recorded in the system.


Courze&Cloud fortifies your educational journey with robust security measures, including regular backups, rigorous penetration testing, and traffic balancing, safeguarding both data integrity and user experience.

Security backups

We not only ensure the security of your data but also regularly create backups of all data to protect you from unforeseeable disasters.

Annual Security Testing

We conduct annual penetration testing to ensure that Courze&Cloud complies with industry-recognized security practices. We keep the system up-to-date at all times.

Designed for Load

Behind the scenes, we balance the traffic to ensure that students always have the optimal experience.

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