Take the hassle out of
modern e-learning content.

A seamless, cost-effective cloud solution for designing, updating, and delivering top-tier e-learning experiences

All the features you expect, and more.

Modern, intuitive design

We have high expectations for the software we use, and we know you do too. Our modern, intuitive design feels like a delight, not a drag.

Analytics & insights

Get insights into your course and how your learners perform. We offer extensive insights and analytics tools.

Wide range of course elements

Texts, multimedia elements, and even complex tasks are available to ensure that learners acquire the widest range of knowledge possible.

AI Assistant

The assistant helps uncover errors and also suggests improvements to make the learning material better.

LMS integrations

We integrate with all major Learning Management Systems so students only have to log into one platform. We also support grade passback.

Accessible e-learning

Your e-learning course material will be accessible to everyone, regardless of the device or software they use.

  • What you see is what you get.

    One of the biggest challenges in editing and formatting content on many e-learning platforms is that you often can't be sure what kind of effect the end result will have on the learner.

    However, we are different - with us, during editing you can see exactly what the learner will see in the final course material. There's no need for imagination or experimentation, because we guarantee that you will see exactly what the learner will see. This way, you can be sure that your content will be effective and understandable for users. Only this way can we guarantee that your course material will be truly effective and successful for users.

  • Instant feedback to your learners

    One key to creating effective e-learning materials is being able to monitor learners' performance and give them immediate feedback.

    With us, you can do this easily, because our platform allows you to set performance thresholds for each element, fine-tuning the course material to suit learners' needs and abilities. And when all the necessary elements have been added to the course material, performance indicators are automatically recorded, allowing you to check learners' progress at any time. With finely tuned performance settings, you can make your e-learning course even more effective and personalized, ensuring that your learners achieve the best possible results.

  • Automatically detect errors.

    One of the biggest challenges in creating quality e-learning materials is ensuring that there are no errors, missing or incorrect information in the course material.

    However, don't worry, because on our platform, an assistant is always there to help you during editing. The assistant helps uncover errors and also suggests improvements to make the learning material better. This way, not only is avoiding mistakes easier, but the quality also improves. Don't waste your time fixing errors anymore!

  • Bring it to the learners.

    Choose easy and seamless integration with your LMS, with or without one!

    Our platform allows you to publish your learning materials in SCORM, LTI, or xAPI format to any LMS, LXP, or LRS system. But if you don't have such a system yet, no problem! You can also run the learning materials directly on our platform.

Cost-effective solution for all training needs

In just a few hours, create impactful educational materials that are accessible to colleagues by the next day, ensuring timely knowledge dissemination. Design digital learning content once, enabling independent learning and ensuring scalability, regardless of whether the expert is available. Digital courses allow for flexible scheduling, enhancing employee satisfaction in an era of remote work. All of this comes at a fraction of the cost, offering multiple digital trainings without the tech hassle.

Courze&Cloud in numbers

Courze&Cloud is setting out on its journey, aiming to expand across the globe with increasing momentum.

It's time to build...

Anyone can create a course from beginner to professional course creator!

We have happy customers

What They Say About Us

Dr. Nikoletta KissDirector of Education at HEPA

Courze&Cloud is a great help in creating and maintaining our e-learning materials.

Johannes LampertCEO of IBIS ACAM

We were looking for a modern and user-friendly e-learning content development tool and choose Courze&Cloud despite strong international competitors.

Szonja MezeiHR expert at BIS Hungary

The editing interface is user-friendly and easy to use, which made it easy for me as a beginner to create learning materials with the software.

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