Extend Your Educational Reach with Courze&Cloud's LTI Publishing

Expand the horizons of your educational content with Courze&Cloud's LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) capability. Say goodbye to the constraints of sticking to a single platform or format. With LTI, your courses become universally adaptable, ready to plug into different learning environments with ease and precision.

Advantages of LTI Publishing

Streamlined Connectivity

Easily integrate your comprehensive learning materials into numerous LMS platforms. Whether it's for academic institutions, corporate training, or online workshops, connect without compatibility issues.

Maintained Integrity

Your content remains as engaging, interactive, and robust as ever. No more dilution of quality or loss of key features as you migrate courses between platforms.

Simplified Management

Manage your courses across various platforms from one central point. Update content, track progress, and receive reports without juggling multiple systems..

The LTI Process with Courze&Cloud

Design & Develop

Utilize Courze&Cloud's diverse toolkit to create courses that resonate. Incorporate interactive elements, multimedia, and assessments with ease.

One-Click Publishing

Select the 'Publish via LTI' option and let Courze&Cloud do the heavy lifting. Your course is prepared, packaged, and primed for integration.

Universal Deployment

Take your LTI-compliant package and introduce it to any compatible LMS. Witness the flawless incorporation without losing any course functionality.

Uncompromised Performance

Before you proceed with the export, our platform conducts thorough checks, confirming that your packages will function seamlessly within various LMSs, providing a hassle-free experience for both educators and learners.

Universal Connectivity

LTI standardizes the connection between digital learning platforms and resources. Embed your Courze&Cloud courses into other systems, be it LMSs, VLEs, or portals, without technical complications.

Efficient Cloud Hosting

Run your courses directly from our robust cloud service. This means reduced demands on your LMS's storage and infrastructure while still ensuring fast, reliable access for learners.

Secure Data Exchange

LTI assures secure communication between platforms, preserving the integrity of your educational content and safeguarding student data and progress.

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