Create an Exam

Exam module within Courze&Cloud reinvents the way exams are designed, implemented, and experienced. Dive into a system where efficiency meets adaptability, giving educators and corporate trainers the power to craft the perfect assessments based on their unique course content.

  • Feature-Rich Customization

  • Guided Exam Building

  • Various exam parameters

Determine Question Count

Decide the exact number of questions each exam contains, allowing for concise testing or comprehensive evaluations.

Time Management

Assign time limits down to the minute for the entire exam or set individual timers for each question, keeping assessments efficient and attention-focused.

Controlled Attempts

Regulate the exam process by setting a specific number of attempts students can take to pass the exams, fostering a balanced approach between challenge and opportunity.

Success Threshold

Establish the minimum percentage required for a successful pass, ensuring that learners meet the essential standards of understanding.

Feedback Flexibility

Opt to reveal answer keys post-exam, supporting transparency and encouraging learners to review and understand their mistakes.

Content elements

Experience the freedom of diversified assessment with support for various question types, from single and multiple-choice to more complex formats like sorting, matching, grouping, and cloze questions. This versatility allows educators and trainers to test a range of skills and knowledge levels, enhancing evaluation accuracy and keeping learners engaged with interactive, thought-provoking challenges.

  • 6 question formats

  • Enhanced Interactivity

  • Creative Freedom

Deploy your Exams

Integrate your exams seamlessly into numerous learning management systems with the LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) standard, or opt for direct publishing to our reliable cloud service, making your exams accessible to learners at any time and from anywhere, without the complexities of additional formats or systems.

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